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Meet Nikhil – Nikhil works as Senior HR in one of India’s largest engineering construction companies. He spends hours every day looking for great corporate trainers who’ll train senior level executives on aspects like team-building, strategic planning, people management etc. His company has offices across India, and every single time, the company has to get together all of its senior level managers(about 150 in number) in one place, and take classroom sessions for them. 

However, his trainers complain that their trainees hardly recall anything from the previous sessions. Every single time, they have to start from scratch, and an annual schedule of 6 sessions gets reduced to 1 effective session! Moreover, trainees get bored & lose focus, and are generally in-attentive during such sessions. In fact, Nikhil once told us that everyone is thinking about the next snacks break during those sessions!

What’s this costing the company?

1. Nikhil has to keep arranging sessions, and external trainers don’t come cheap. Arranging the logistics for time consuming training is a constant pain. Not just this, but there is no pre-session or post-session activity by the trainees that’ll help them make the most of the session. 

 2. Senior Managers from different teams get limited time to interact with each other and share notes, especially on topics such as behavioural change. All of this leads to poor training efficiency and lack of enthusiasm amongst the trainees.

How can eLucid Help?

1. eLucid has the capability to seamlessly blend online and offline training channels. Along with the capability to track attendance at classroom sessions, there are capabilities to add online training material & quizzes for those sessions.

2. The LMS can create learning paths for all the senior executives, and include both online and in-classroom sessions. This way, the trainee can do some pre-classroom activity like reading up on some reference material, or participating in a classroom chat. 

3. For classroom sessions, pre-sessions surveys can be collected from the trainees to make them more effective. Quizzes can be given to candidates to evaluate their understanding of in-classroom training.

 4. In a big organisation like the one Nikhil works in, it is never convenient to collect a countrywide bunch of people for training purposes! There are brilliant virtual classroom features present in eLucid to give the student, a classroom session experience, from his own computer. That’s why we say – eLucid helps ‘blend’ the student into learning, irrespective of where they are – classroom or her desk.

Even with all of these features, we’re just getting started with eLucid’s blended learning capabilities. There’s a lot to be done yet, but you can be sure we’re on the right track!

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