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Increase LMS Usage Through a Mobile App

‘Smartphone learners complete course material 45% faster than those using a desktop computer.’

  • Ever wondered why your learners are always missing assignment deadlines?
  • It is easy to reject their submissions after the due date, but is the problem only limited to the learner’s discipline?
  • With increasingly higher demands on your learner’s time – is it always possible for them to maintain learning discipline and take lessons daily?
  • Can we make it easy for learners to access content? Can we make the course content so easily available for the learner, that in spite of dynamic time tables, they will still be able to access it, on the simple tap of a smartphone screen?

It is not just that…

 Millennials, who’ll make up 50% of the global workforce by 2020, are hungry for mobile eLearning content

  • 90% of Millennials have their smartphone with them at all times!
  • Mobile learners study for an average of 40 more minutes than students using a desktop or tablet

Can you really afford to ignore your users’ expectation of learning while-on-the-go?

So how does eLucid help?

  • eLucid’s mobile app gives its learners access to course material whenever and wherever they like
  • It is a hybrid app so it has both Android & iOS device versions
  • All of the desktop features are available in the mobile app, making the learning experience smooth
  • Progress is reflected across both the platforms, and is independent of the device, so learners can take their training on desktop and continue it while they’re on the way home
  • Users will make much faster progress through their learning material

Does it increase LMS usage?

  • A mobile app is the most personal way of connecting to a learner. In fact, the user is automatically signed in to the LMS, once the app is installed on the learner’s smartphone
  • The learner will get notifications of upcoming courses, upcoming deadlines, and will also get notifications when their peers complete activities in the course
  • Learners will have personalised screens highlighting their learning path through the courses
  • The learner, at the tap of a screen, can see where they stand in comparison to others
  • Learners can even view courses offline, so even if they don’t have great internet connectivity, they can access course material & make progress in their learning journeys.

Don’t trust us? Download our Android app from the below link –

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