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Course Content Management

Course Authoring Tools

Course creation is made easy with a wide collection of content development tools. Along with text, you can add multimedia content to make courses interesting.


Learning Paths

Create distinct learning paths or plans using heirarchical course structures. Course completion criteria, and enrollment prerequisites.


Interactive Content

Keep learners engaged with interactive content. Add interactive videos, games, presentations and more, to sustain learner interest and enhance the impact of course content.


Survey Creation

Create and send out surveys to trainees or instructors and receive real-time feedback, that could be directly fed into the system


File Archives

Make use of multimedia content created for a course (images, presentations, graphics), across content in other courses


Live Training Module

Schedule, manage and deliver real-time online classes and meetings. Use the power of audio, video and live chat tools to connect, and interact with your learners


Competency Levels Creation

Create and apply Competency Frameworks to evaluate (assess and grade) students against competencies in your industry



Review assignments by adding notes, highlighting text, selecting areas and adding free-hand annotations, with the same amount of flexibility that’s possible on paper

Gamification Control

Group Management

Manage students as part of a group. Create group specific content and quizzes. Allow group-specific discussion forums


Collaboration Tools

Let students collaborate using Groups, Forums, Wikis, Chats, Databases, Glossary, Workshop, and more.


Badges and Certificates

Create and distribute virtual certificates and achievement badges. Your certificates could be awarded manually or could be automatically emailed to students upon course completion.


User Access Management

Control user actions with role based access capabilities. A User Access Control Matrix is calculated from the definitions of roles assigned to users.

Content Delivery

User Onboarding Training

Create directed tours (as step-by-step guides) to introduce features or the interface, highlight important information, and more, to new users.


Drip Feed Content

Schedule lesson delivery by deciding when certain content will become available to enrolled students. Give trainees access to course content across days/weeks or months using the time based delivery system.


Course Module Navigation

Allow easy navigation across course content using a summary of course sections (similar to a table of contents). This navigation is coupled with an activity completion indicator to track course progress.


Enrolment Timer

Limited time for enrolment can be set for courses, and a live countdown timer can be shown for the same. Students can also be notified of enrolment windows about to expire using email notifications.


Meeting Scheduler

Schedule appointments with students, using a Meeting Scheduler. Instructors can specify time slots for meetings, which students or groups can choose from.


Course Bookings

With a powerful booking tool, Instructors can manage course bookings, or bookings of events.

Advanced Assessment

Multiple Question Types

Add a wide range of questions right from MCQs to drag-and-drop question types, to create quizzes across different categories.


Real-Time Quizzes

Conduct live quizzes through computers/tablets/phones. Review student responses in real time and and adapt questions to student responses.


Video-based Assessment

Let learners update video presentations of real-time scenarios that can be evaluated at a later point in time. Trainers can add feedback for a particular time-frame in the video to help students improve.


Offline Quiz Attempts

Allow learners to complete tests offline. Answers could be then validated using Optical Character Recognition technology (that converts images of typed, handwritten or printed text into machine-readable text).

Reporting Engine

Extensive Tracking

A detailed tracking dashboard provides comprehensible and customizable analytic graphs to analyse student activity and progress.


Push Feeds and Announcements

Intranet feed can be pushed seamlessly to users as knowledge nuggets, announcements, upcoming events and more.


Engagement Analytics

Examine student progress against a range of indicators. Student engagement reports help instructors analyse the probability of student success in a course and identify students at risk.


Attendance Register

Maintain a record of attendance, for time-sensitive courses. Attendance can be tracked by the instructor or students as configured.


Email Notifications

Instantaneous email notifications can be enabled to notify students of important updates, or acknowledge them on course activity completion.


Consolidated Feedback

Allow students to see an overview of all their grades and feedback for assignments, workshops and quizzes. This report can also help students understand similarities in feedback received across courses.


Teacher dashboard

Teachers can get an overview of courses in progress, assignments and quizzes yet to be graded, and students who haven’t interacted with the course in a long time, to identify dropouts.

Enterprise Grade Functionality

Modular Platform

A modular architecture allows you complete control on the system, by being able to turn on or off certain functionality.


Mobile Application

With an Android and iOS Application the platform is truly mobile. The mobile application allows offline access and tracking, along with an automated sync option when connected to the network.


Completely Customizable

Functionality can be built in with ease, due to several points of extension and a scalable architecture. The interface offers complete control, you can decide on your own color scheme, logo and more.


Highly Intuitive System

The interface is easy-to-use and offers a gradual learning curve, making it simple for users to employ.

Features Spotlight

eLucid offers a wide-range of features to comprehensively support your training and assesment needs. This feature helps you conduct and manage the A-B-Cs of your training program, right from Acquaintance training, skill development Basics, to Competency enhancement.


Video-based Assessments to Train Your Sales Rep!

eLucid offers one-of-a-kind video-based assessment functionality to train your field force. Trainees can be presented with real-time scenarios, and their presentations can be evaluated based on certain parameters, Feedback can be time-based where the trainers can comment on the performance of the students at various point of time.

More Features

Interactive Learning

Interactive Content to Maximise Learner Enagement!

eLucid makes it easy to encourage trainee participation by allowing them to interact with the learning content. Learners can not only view and consume the content, but can click , swipe, select learning content, such as, videos, presentations, learning cards, and more.

Game-based Learning

Games! To Make Training Fun

Most training programs are viewed as dull, drab activities. eLucid proposes to change that with an option for you to add interactive games that add a layer of fun on otherwise boring training material. Games are perfect for fresher courses too, by motivating trainees to engage with the content.

Gamification & Leaderboard

Spark the Competitive Spirit with Gamification.

Gamification is a standard when it comes to online training. eLucid provide a whole range of tools to add gamification elements to the learning process. From points, badges, certificates, to leaderboards, you’ve got an entire gamification suite to motivate learners and boost the training process.

Course Content





Enterprise Grade

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