Learning will never be Boring Again

Training is the last thing anyone wants to do in any company! For some reason, it gives them the ‘back-to-school’ feel, and all of us remember our school time with getting buried within mounds of assignments, flash quizzes, test preps etc. What if you could tell these people, you can go back-to-school as well as play games – remember those crazy sports days!

Gamification makes more people use the LMS. Period.

Who wants to just go through pages of study material – so why not make them look forward to “Games”, at the same time, reward their performance on the LMS?

Is Gamification really required?

Your L&D team spends a fortune on creating course content & purchasing a LMS! Yet, more often than not – your team has to hound each team head to get their team to start using the LMS.Even, if you’re able to do that, the learners don’t feel engaged, and you have a big mess of half-completed courses. The follow-up & hounding  cycle begins again!

What can eLucid do for you?

  • eLucid has some amazing features to keep your learners not just engaged, but also feel motivated to complete their modules successfully & on time:-
  • Badges – whenever a learner crosses an important milestone, you give them a badge!
  • Levels – Basis the badges they earn, users graduate to higher levels – acting as a major motivator
  • Leaderboard – The learners also feel motivated to work harder, to improve their position on the leaderboard
  • Games – Crossword, Cryptex, Millionaire will make the learning journey exciting – all the while, keeping the learner engaged & coming back – hungry for more!

Don’t Trust Us? Read how used Gamification – 

  • has been able to achieve spectacular learner engagement by using eLucid’s gamification features. They went one step beyond just enabling the Gamification module – they actively promoted gamification within the learner pool. With badges being awarded at every step & a leaderboard that kept all learners on their toes, gamification has worked like a charm for In fact, team managers encourage this healthy competition between co-workers, and they’ve seen vastly improved LMS usage levels.

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