Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

On an Average $702 is Spent per Employee on Training… But Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth?

The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods segment is ever evolving. With competition on every brink of the way, it’s important to keep your workforce knowledgeable and better than the rest. The question is, is your training program and platform capable enough to meet these needs?

% Training Efficiency Increased by eLucid 53%

The Training Needs of FMCG Sector

Buyer expectations are changing. As the modes of purchase and communication evolve, the need to build a competent workforce is higher than ever. With omnichannel solutions being the talk of the market, the FMCG sector is looking to close the skill-gap needed to service customers.

In the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry, workforce development is a major factor that affects growth. Whether it’s sales training, customer relationship management, consumer support, what most FMCG companies look for in a training system is cost-effectiveness, employee engagement, and rapid on-boarding.

An online training program can transform the talent development program with tools and features that extend beyond the capabilities of a traditional learning classroom. With special features to develop a distributed sales force team, a learning ecosystem can take your workforce training miles ahead with a lower per person investment.


How Can eLucid Help?

Streamlined Training Processes

On Demand Content Access

Comprehensive Document Management

Video Conferencing Capabilities

eLucid Meets All Your Training Needs Efficiently


Set up learning paths for new hires to get them on board with induction training programs using eLucid!


eLucid communicates policy and compliance updates effectively to all personnel with advanced notification tools


eLucid helps schedule online as well as offline training programs with support for video conferences and seminars


Employee skills are kept sharp with access to course content, documents and setup of content revision paths


With detailed training performance reports and graphical feedback, eLucid makes it easy to evaluate employees


eLucid provides several options to effectively manage course content, user generate content and reporting data