Information Technology enabled Services

IT & ITes industries faces a 21% attrition rate on an average. Let’s change that!

Information Technology services bank on optimizing their workforce training time to increase returns, curb expenses and deal with variable attrition rates. With eLucid, trainee engagement is increased, with tools to maximize information retention and reduce training time and effort!

The Role of Online Training in IT/ITES

Globalization has seen the advent of services being outsourced and a growth in the IT/ITeS sector. As currency trends, recession, and the global economy affect the industry, the demand sees a shift. But the primary challenge for all IT/ITes companies remains the on-boarding and development of a skilled workforce.

The IT/ITes sector is plagued by a high attrition rate and an effective online training program is a must.

IT/ITes training programs focus on rapid-employee on-boarding and soft-skill development. As the competition in the sector increases, administering the training to be effective in a short amount of time requires the appropriate tools. A solid training platform can adequately support the needs of the industry and boost employee morale to in turn reduce the turnaround rate.


Challenges Overcome by eLucid

Engagement Deficit


Information Retention

Information Efficiency

Lucid is One All-Inclusive Solution for


Induction and on boarding programs can be easily setup on eLucid to increase trainee engagement and speed up learning


Set-up high volume of courses on eLucid to address skill-refinement and specialization development training needs


Make sure course content is retained and kept fresh in the minds of employees with refresher courses on eLucid


With quizzing and assignment tools on eLucid, you can set up timely tests to evaluate trainees and new hires as needed


eLucid helps you with detailed analysis and evaluation of employee performance through graphical reports


With a range of interaction, conferencing and collaboration tools, trainees can share information and work in groups