Make the Learner Focus on One Thing. At a Time.

Get easy options to divide your course into smaller micro-sized chunks, so that the student is motivated to complete these smaller mico-modules at a faster pace. Make it simple for learners to set learning goals for themselves.

TechCrunch, in a study found that – the completion rates of courses depend the most on Course length.

Which Microlearning features does eLucid have?

  • Creation of Learning Programs so that the learner has a predefined learning path
  • Breaking down learning paths into smaller achievable goals – Courses, and those are further divided into sections
  • Providing content in smaller bytes in the form of video, text & presentations

How does Microlearning help?

Microlearning is especially important for people who don’t work out of a desk

Microlearning leads to high levels of engagement in employee learning

Microlearning directly impacts business results by improving employee confidence